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Affordable – If you don’t want to spend money on a solar pool cover, Heatsavr is an excellent alternative. It’s non-toxic and safe to swim in, and it won’t harm your filter. Less evaporation – Heatsavr Liquid Cover works to limit evaporation. You’ll see a big difference in how often you need to add water to your pool, thereby saving. "Eco" contains enough Heatsavr liquid to treat a standard domestic pool of up to 40 m 2 for about one month. Larger pools will require two Eco's. Ecosavr has been designed to sink to the bottom of the pool. A patented release valve in the top fin of Ecosavr slowly releases the Heatsavr liquid into your pool.

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Heatsavr™ slows evaporation substantially. Safe for filters, skimmers and pumps and is salt-water and ozone compatible. Add Heatsavr™ directly to the pool water at a rate of 4 oz. per 1500 sq.ft/ of pool surface area (width x length).

Heatsavr liquid solar cover. An Eco-Friendly Solution. Unlike conventional pool covers, which have to be removed every time you use your pool, and put back on every evening, Liquid Pool Blankets keep your pool ready to use 24 hours a day, seven days a week while preventing heat loss and evaporation, saving on energy costs and water consumption. Heatsavr liquid pool cover is easy to use, inexpensive and effective! Liquid pool covers are the perfect option for home pool owners or commercial pool operators who… 1 Ecosavr ‘fish’ is enough to provide a solar blanket to a 400-sq-ft pool or 15,000 gallons of a water body for 25-30 days. And Like any high-quality liquid pool cover, 99999 Solar Fish Liquid Pool Cover is biodegradable and doesn’t break down and coagulate into pieces to choke filters.

Ecosavr Liquid Pool Solar Cover greatly reduces heat loss and evaporation from exposed pool surfaces Conserves up to 50% heat and water loss through evaporation – keeps your pool warmer for longer Dispensed through a patented valve in the fin and forms a transparent, thick layer on your pool Liquid Solar Cover Chemicals. In 1998, a college PE teacher applied for and received a patent for his unique HeatSavr and began marketing Solar Fish, which contained a month’s worth of the evaporation suppressant. Liquid evaporation control chemicals are not new, in fact they have been used for over 100 years as a way to control water. In outdoor pools Heatsavr functions as a conventional solar cover. Outdoor pools are good collectors of solar radiation and without a solar cover much of the lost heat is reflected back to the atmosphere through evaporation. Heatsavr allows more solar energy to be retained, which means that an unheated pool will naturally be warmer, or the cost.

Heatsavr will help keep the heat generated by your heater in your pool, so that you don't have so spend as much money keeping your water up to temperature. In 3rd party trial results, the average energy savings on heated pools using Heatsavr™, the liquid solar pool cover, have been between 10% – 35%. However, district officials said this Heatsavr liquid pool cover has been used for many years in the Dearborn and Allen Park school districts. Margolis said the district does not conduct a specific test to monitor the liquid pool cover chemical. However, she said the standard pool testing AAPS does three times per day would detect if there was. Heatsavr Liquid Pool Cover in 5 Litre bottles. Can be purchased individually or in a case. What is Heatsavr? Heatsavr is an effective "liquid pool blanket" that greatly reduces heat loss and evaporation from your exposed pool surface and replaces the need for conventional pool covers.

Heatsavr™ and Ecosavr™, the original liquid solar pool covers, belong to a family of innovative water and energy conservation products developed by Flexible Solutions.Our products are proven to conserve heat, energy, water and are environmentally friendly and safe. 10. Heatsavr Liquid Solar Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pool Heating Blanket Liquid Alternative 33 fluid oz. Heatsavr Liquid Solar pool cover is an amazing option to a traditional plastic pool covers, and it can work with any size or shape of the pool as it is a liquid pool cover. Retains heat in your swimming pool otherwise lost due to evaporation Creates a “liquid solar cover” on the water greatly enhancing heat retention Non-toxic and undetectable by swi…

Jan 20, 2020 – The liquid pool cover for all types of pools. Reports and more technological information about #Heatsavr. La cubierta líquida para todas formas de piscinas. Informes y más información sobre #Heatsavr. See more ideas about Pool cover, Pool, Solar pool cover. Using HeatSavr Liquid Solar Pool Cover HeatSavr is a permanent solution for a pool cover, and can be easily applied in either a residential or commercial setting. HeatSavr forms a transparent layer of protection on the surface of the water, creating a barrier between the pool surface and the air above it. Pool Basics 2706PB Heat Trapper Pool Solar Blanket In A Bottle Liquid Solar Cover, 1-Quart, 1-Pack HeatSavr HS140 The Liquid Solar Pool Cover Automated Kit Add to Cart

To add Heatsavr™, pour in 4 oz. per 15,000 gallons (approx. 400 sq. ft.) of pool surface. Product description: Keeps pools warmer, longer Reduces evaporation, conserving energy use in heated pools and water in all pools. Safe for filters, skimmers and pumps. Salt-water and ozone compatible. A transparent liquid cover for outdoor and indoor pools. Heatsavr is a transparent liquid pool cover that significantly lowers heat and water loss. The liquid forms a barrier on the surface of the pool that reduces evaporation. Heatsavr has been tested and proven to be completely safe and biodegradable. Heatsavr is guaranteed to save heat and water in every pool. Buy Heatsavr Liquid Solar Cover – 2 Pack at Walmart.com. Pickup & delivery Walmart.com.. Heatsaver is an effective "liquid solar pool cover" that greatly reduces heat loss and evaporation from your exposed pool surface. It is made from simple biodegradable ingredients that form the best barrier currently available to slow heat and water loss.

Unlike conventional pool covers, which have to be removed every time you use your pool, and put back on every evening, HeatSavr keeps your pool ready to use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This unique liquid forms a barrier on the surface of the pool, preventing heat loss and evaporation, while you save on energy costs. A liquid solar pool cover is an invisible pool cover that can take the place of those bulky bubble wrap covers that can be cumbersome to use.Those plastic solar covers work great, but because they can be a hassle, a lot of pool owners don’t use them like they should. That’s where liquid covers come in, … The Ultimate Guide To Liquid Solar Pool Covers Read More » The HS115 is an Automatic Metering System for the application of Heatsavr™, the liquid solar pool cover. It is a reliable, accurate, inexpensive way to ensure that your pool receives all the energy savings possible from using Heatsavr™. The HS115 is a time-activated water-resistant peristaltic pump for industrial applications.

Heatsavr Liquid Cover by Ecosavr. 4.3 out of 5 stars 3 ratings. Currently unavailable.. Pool Basics 2706PB Heat Trapper Pool Solar Blanket in A Bottle Liquid Solar Cover, 1-Quart, 1-Pack 3.8 out of 5 stars 21. CDN$54.34. Intex Krystal Clear Solar Pool Cover 4.2 out of 5 stars 1,337.

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