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Some-kind-of-kitchen-utensils, i’m assuming they’re some kind of kitchen utensils, but i’m not sure what for. level 1. locked4rae-1 points · 6 months ago. top to bottom: garlic press, zit poppers, hole punch. view entire discussion (12 comments) more posts from the whatisthisthing community. 26.2k. posted by. u/map-6346. 1 day ago.. "the black people" like we some kind of kitchen utensils. uponit7771: may 2020 #7: you're in great company. agingdem: may 2020 #8: oh man, hit the nail on the head. to put it that way denotes that you think of us as "other" afromania: may 2020 #9: response to left-of-center2012 (original post), response to shockey80 (original post). sun may 31, 2020, 03:26 pm. uponit7771 (71,145 posts). 7. "the blacks" maga loves the blacks like we some kind of kitchen utensils

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