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Rmdlo-a-revolution-in-kitchen-utensils, rmdlo - a revolution in kitchen utensils! the armadillo colander (or strainer for all you folks in usa :) created by fred & ran fred & ran. 1,688 backers pledged £57,697 to help bring this project to life. last updated november 27, 2015. campaign rewards faq 8 updates 38 comments 246 community. (this may be subject to change at the final design stage) the materials used in the rmdlo are: kitchen and food grade plastics. these are fully heat resistant (but not through direct contact with an open flame)., may 22, 2014 - the colander is a kitchen utensil that hasn't changed in 200 years…until now. inventor ran merkazy and businessman freddie camrass, both of whom live in london, have teamed up to produce the rmdlo colander, which not only folds up, shrinking to just 10 percent of its original size, but also has a variety of uses..

Enter the rmdlo colander, an elegant redesign of the bulky utensil. it takes up no more space than a ladle. named for its resemblance to the armadillo’s ridged shell, it’s one of those why ..., the rmdlo, which can hang on a wall, is ideal for anyone with limited kitchen space and it's so compact that this new type of colander can be taken anywhere – picnics, festivals or camping. it's....

בן דודי המוכשר, רן מרכזי, השיק אתמול פרוייקט מימון-המונים ליצירה של מסננת מתקפלת. העיצוב מדליק, וההבטחה גדולה (מסננת שאפשר לקפל לחיסכון מקום, לקחת לטיולים, ולשימושים מגוונים). הנה דף הפרוייקט, למי שמעוניין להצטרף (זה 20 ..., (תנאי שימוש: כל המידע המופיע בפוסט זה הוא דעתי האישית בלבד. איני רופא או בעל הסמכה רפואית – והאחריות לכל שימוש במידע שאני מביא הן על אחריותכם הבלעדית בלבד.בכל מקרה של תהייה, שאלה או ספק, יש להיוועץ ברופא). Feb 8, 2019 - explore jhong francisco's board "chuck box" on pinterest. see more ideas about chuck box, chucks, camp kitchen., 【ジャンル】 デザイン 【目標金額】 7,650,000円(1ポンド=170円) ※すでに目標金額達成中!. Rmdlo - a revolution in kitchen utensils! fred & ran is raising funds for rmdlo - a revolution in kitchen utensils! on kickstarter! the armadillo colander (or strainer for all you folks in usa :) tape dispenser just go finger guns easy weapons pistols sniper rifles rifles. fingertip tape cutter.

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