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Repurposed-kitchen-utensils, jan 21, 2016 - explore deb walker's board "repurpose kitchen utensils" on pinterest. see more ideas about diy projects, diy, home diy.. The kitchen is a very unique place in our home. for most, the kitchen is the social core, the place in which we socialize with friends of family, we make announcements during meals and we relax through a cup of tea or simply through cooking. the kitchen is also one of the most expensive rooms to […], for example, use your old utensils for a lot of different use, as a holder for your family pictures or as towels hanger. make a lovely ceiling lamp from you old colander. use them also as pots for your flowers in the garden. another way to use your tea cups from your grandma is to make lovely lamp for your kitchen..

Posted on august 18, 2015 you should stop throwing away your kitchen utensils that you don’t use anymore, because there are many creative and interesting projects that can be done of old forks,spoons and knives, teacups and cheese graters. for example, using an old tea cups, you can make amazing chandelier or maybe tea cup candles., 40 brilliant ideas to reuse or repurposed utensils: at present, people are getting aware of recycling. a lot of people are using eco-friendly things and also, they are turning their useless....

You've got a lot of stuff, i've got a lot of stuff, but what are we to do with it all? be creative in your kitchen by repurposing old kitchen items! not only will you save some money, but you'll be able to give new life to all those things that have sentimental value. check out these clever ideas ..., use a vintage pastry blender to hang your dish towels on. repurposed vintage pastry cutters into towel holders. 3m velcro strips on the back of the handle make them easy to take down to change towels. vintage cookie cutters turned into wall rack junk art signs i made for my booth at the antique mall..

Tags: kitchen utensils, repurpose, repurposed kitchen utensils. recent posts in diy. 15 chic diy vintage decor ideas you might want to craft . 15 solid diy concrete decor ideas you will have fun crafting . 15 super easy home decor crafts you should try over the weekend ., repurposed goblet and plate cake stand pin it an old wine glass, goblet or anything similar that you have on hand and a vintage plate can be used to make a lovely cake stand. if you have a set of dessert goblets or glasses that have been broken and you want to preserve the last one in style, this is a great project to try..

We are happy to say that one of the newest kitchen decor trends is one which is both useful and fashionable–the incorporation of repurposed kitchen utensils as decorative pieces. this trend is a great way to reuse the utensil styles that have been featured in our homes for generations in a way that simply looks great.

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