Fine Your Idea

Other-uses-for-kitchen-utensils, while it sits idly on your countertop in between meals, use it to wash and store fresh produce. fruits and vegetables like berries, peaches, and grapes are sensitive to moisture; the holes in your colander allow air circulation, extending their shelf life in your kitchen. 4 of 12. For scrambled eggs on the go, use a waffle iron. whisk eggs, and mix in chopped vegetables and a dash of milk. spritz both sides of the waffle iron with cooking spray, and pour in egg mixture. cook..., we're always looking for ways to make space in our kitchen, from storing utensils to keeping pot lids organized. but did you ever think about creatively repurposing objects from around your home to help you out?.

Kitchen mallets are one of those things that you probably would use often if you had it, but there are so many simple substitutes for it that you probably already own, it seems silly to buy. a rolling pin or even an actual hammer, can crush nuts, tenderize meat, or crumble graham crackers just as well. 7 use a turkey baster to pour pancake batter

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